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Aladin, instant smoker  

Aladín is one of our best-selling tools from its appearance in our catalog. The new Aladin smoking kit allows the smoke to enter in closed containers in order to smoke in a short period of time small spaces or food, personalizing with the chosen aromas any foodstuff. We now present a new semi-professional model that provides a direct connection to our smoking bells, in addition the threaded tube eliminates the old method of attaching the bowl to the base of the vacuum, its thickness and size prevents overheating of the mechanical part, giving greater reliability and endurance. This appliance includes instruction manual, advices, a watertight bowl of sawdust, vaporizing spray and grille kit.

You may also be interested in the SuperAladín, our professional instant smoker, extremely tough, made of high quality aluminium. We strongly recommend to use our beech, oak or Jack Daniel’s sawdust. With them you can easily customize the scent with essential oils, or other herbs or flavourings.
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Ref. 10/0001
Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 5 cm
Units per box: 1

Availability: 5 working days / 5 Arbeitstage
62,64 €
10,00 €
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SuperAladin - Professional Smoker
Aladin - Aladin, instant smoker
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Aladin Aromatic - Aladin Aromatic
Cold Smoke Jar -
Perfect Smoking - Perfect Smoking
Gastronorm Top - Gastronorm Top 1/1 with valve for smoker
Aladin Station - Aladin Station, the SuperAladin base
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Aladin CD - Aladin CD
Aladin Chips Beach - Aladin Chips Beach
Aladin Chips Oak - Aladin Chips Oak
Aladin Chips Jack Daniels - Aladin Chips Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels’ Chips - Woodchips
Aladin Aromatic Filters - Aladin Aromatic Filters
Aladin Screens XS - Aladin Screens XS
SuperAladin Screens XL - SuperAladin Screens XL
SuperAladin Rotor - SuperAladin Rotor (replacement)
SuperAladín and 007 Motor - SuperAladín and Aladin 007 Motor
Heavy Wheel Kit - Heavy Wheel Kit (replacement)
Aladin Rotor - Aladin Rotor (replacement)
Spare Electric Part - Spare Electric Part
Spare Electric Part for Aladín 007 and SuperAladín with frontal switch - Spare Electric Part for Aladín 007 and SuperAladín 
with frontal switch
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