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Aladín Cover  

The only bells with automatic injection valve® that allows the smoke, vapor and/or aromas to enter the plates and service recipients. Fill your bells with lighter smokes in lower temperatures maintaining the natural aromas. It is the ideal complement for the Aladin Aromatic®. The new self-closing silicone valve allows smoke, vapor or aromas to enter without leaking. Our bells are Patented, fabricated from borosilicate glass and handmade, passing a severe quality test control and with a perfect finishing. They are also resistant to high impacts, low and high temperatures in oven or freezers.

Available in two sizes:
XS: ø14 x 14 cm.
XL: ø18 x 15 cm.
Ref. 10/0043 - 10/0044
Units per box: 1

Availability: 5 working days / 5 Arbeitstage
39,15 €
6,25 €
incl. VAT plus shipping
Aladin Covers
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